Handbook of Class Activities

Thank you for downloading, reviewing, and sharing our Conceptual Academy Handbook of Class Activities. This handbook book was created in response to the question: “If I’m not lecturing in class, then what else is there to do?” We know and understand that straight lectures are an important and even vital means of helping students learn. We are advocates for retaining the traditional class lecture. At the same time, we are also advocates for also including other means of helping students learn. We see the traditional lecture as just one tool in the took kit. There are many other tools. This handbook is a compendium of our favorite activities, tried and true and class tested, each presented to you as an idea that you can creatively adapt to your particular situation.

You no doubt already have a tool kit filled with many effective tools and techniques. Our goal in creating this handbook is to help you fatten up your tool kit all the more. Variety is key to keeping each class fresh and exciting. Of course, it’s not advisable to implement the same activity class after class. This would be akin to telling the same joke over and over. Again for emphasis: Variety is key to keeping each class fresh and exciting.

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Class Activity Handbook v1.2


Deep-Learning Innovation Inventory

In the classroom we face remarkable challenges everyday. Through these challenges we experience an evolutionary pressure to innovate. An innovation that goes to the heart of helping the student learn effectively can be called a “deep-learning innovation”. Such an innovation can be as simple as a thought-provoking drawing or question. It might be a technique involving team-based learning. Or whatever. The longer we teach, the more of these gems we tend to discover.

As a complement to our Handbook of Class Activities, we are in the process of collating an inventory of deep-learning innovations provided by the science teaching community. If you have a deep-learning innovation you would like to see included within this inventory, thank you for sharing it with us through Support@ConceptualAcademy.com. We would edit for clarity, add tags for searchability, while providing your full acknowledgment.

For each innovation, please rate its implementation as easy, moderate, or involved.

Clearly, the more instructors who participate, the stronger this inventory becomes. Thank you for sharing your classroom expertise. We look forward to working with you.


How to Study Effectively

While our Handbook of Class Activities was written as teaching ideas for the teacher, we also have learning ideas for the student. These ideas for the student are within the article “How to Study Effectively”, written by John based upon his teaching experience and also his interpretation of the book “Make It Stick” by Peter Brown, et. al. We encourage you to encourage your students to study this article on how to study. Those who do, will be directed down the path of doing quite well in your course and others to follow.

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How to Study Effectively