Textbook: Conceptual Biology, PDF Textbook Included

Presented in a storytelling manner, Conceptual Biology maps out the overarching and interconnected concepts of the science of life. We begin with an in-depth review of the chemistry needed to understand and appreciate the molecular nature of life. From this foundation, we explore the nature of cells, genetics, and inheritance, which sets the stage for “getting” evolution and the diversity of life. From there the journey continues into human anatomy and physiology culminating in an exploration of populations, communities, and ecosystems of which we humans are an integral part. Throughout, the concepts of biology are connected to a student’s daily life with relevant examples from medicine, nutrition, health, and biotechnology. Our main goal: nurturing a student’s curiosity and respect for the wonders of our living world.

This pre-built sequence includes our “Living Earth” chapter sections showing the deep impact the biosphere has had and continues to have on our planet. It also features PDF unit exams, automated homework, and lab assignments.

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Note: Like all our Conceptual Academy courses, Conceptual Biology includes our video library, study advice, worksheets, interactive simulations, automated quizzes and homework assignments tracked within an automated gradebook, unit exams, and instructor support. Special to Conceptual Biology is that it also includes the PDF textbook, which is printable as well as accessible to screen readers and tablets.

Unit 1: About Science
Unit 2: The Chemistry of Life
Unit 3: The Cell
Unit 4: How Cells Work
Unit 5: DNA and Genes
Unit 6: Inheritance
Unit 7: Genetic Technologies
Unit 8: Natural Selection
Unit 9: Evidence of Evolution
Unit 10: Diversity of Life 1
Unit 11: Diversity of Life 2
Unit 12: The Nervous System
Unit 13: Control and Movement
Unit 14: Maintaining the Body
Unit 15: Protecting Health
Unit 16: Populations
Unit 17: Communities
Unit 18: Ecosystems

Select lab activities are included with this course. Students are asked to document their experiences and observations in an accompanying “field journal”. Grading rubrics provided. Sold separately, we also recommend the following pocket microscope from Arbor Scientific:

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Further, we recommend the following lab kit from eScience Labs:

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