Conceptual Physics, The Full Textbook (video version)

Accompanying Printed Textbook: Conceptual Physics, 12e (CP12e) Sold separately

Review a .pdf of the front matter of this textbook, including its table of contents. Here are a few sample pages of discussing Newton’s second law of motion: PhysicsSample. These are actually physics pages from our very similar upper level physical science textbook, which extends the approach of Conceptual Physics to include chemistry, Earth science, and astronomy.

About Our Pre-Built Courses

We offer pre-built courses for all of our titles. A pre-built course works well when using Conceptual Academy much like the video version of a traditional textbook. Your students will have access to all the content listed within this pre-built course (see below). This provides flexibility from one semester to the next. For each semester you might direct students to be responsible for only select lessons or chapter sections.

Once a pre-built course is uploaded to your instructor’s account, you can modify it as you see fit to “make it your own”. This includes updating the FYI pages and setting dates for each lesson so that students know what to study by when. You can also remove select chapter sections you are not wanting students to see.

For a Conceptual Academy course aligned more precisely to a particular class schedule, we recommend you contact us to request a customized course. To learn more about customizing your course, please look to the help documents within your instructor profile page.

Conceptual Physics, Full Textbook

8 Units; 41 Lessons, 363 Videos

Unit A: Mechanics Part 1
Unit B: Mechanics Part 2
Unit C: Matter
Unit D: Heat
Unit E: Sound
Unit F: Electromagnetism
Unit G: Light
Unit H: Modern Physics

Download this document for Chapter Section detail: Pre-Built Conceptual Physics, Full Textbook

About Laboratories

For this Conceptual Physics course there are four resources for lab activities:

1) You’ll find the “Think and Do” activities described right within the textbook end-of-chapter material.

2) We also offer “PhET Labs” that make use of computer simulations created through the PhET program sponsored by the University of Colorado. We have created writes ups for 12 of these “dry labs” and they are included with this course. Each write-up is provided within the Doc Share of the lesson to which it applies.

3) We highly recommend the Beyond the Laboratory Manual developed by professor Stephanie Blake of Ozarks Technical College, MO, to match this Conceptual Physics course. This manual features many crafty, engaging, hands-on experiments using only household items or materials readily available from any discount store. Typically physics labs are done in the classroom. With this manual, students can safely perform select labs at home with friends and family as a meaningful “homework” assignment.

4) You might also consider purchasing the Conceptual Physics Lab Manual by Dean Baird, especially if you have access to standard physics laboratory equipment. This manual needs to be ordered through our textbook publisher, Pearson.

Sample Physics Video: Buoyancy

“This course holds all the passion of my life’s work. I’m confident you will find it to be not only informative, but delightful, as have millions of others who have used my curriculum over the past many years.”